Digestive/Weight Loss

I have been seeing Grace for acupuncture for only a short amount of time and her treatment and instructions have already begun to completely change my life. I have a rare neurological disease and have suffered excruciating pain on a daily basis for over three years. Prescription medications do not even help. I finally decided to try acupuncture. I am SO glad I did. I realized on my first visit that Grace was not going to just be one of those acupuncturists who just sticks needles in you and focuses on treating the symptoms. She has a very holistic approach: She performed a thorough medical evaluation and background, and is treating my health and body as a whole. One of the complications of my disease is water retention. In the first ten days of seeing her, I lost ten pounds of water. In one month, I lost fifteen pounds and have kept it off. I have already begun to feel like I have a stronger body, feel less pain, and am actually starting to look at my future with hope again. Dreams I thought were never going to be a reality are starting to seem like a real possibility again. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Acupuncture With Grace. I highly recommend anyone needing help with any health issue, pain, etc to seek help from Grace. You would be in very good and capable hands.

MT, Oakland

I came in to see Grace as a last ditch effort to lose weight. I told myself, if this doesn’t work, its gastric bypass surgery for me. Initially I was 120 lbs overweight and have battled my weight all my life. All kinds of pills, shakes, exercise, hypnotherapy, counting grapes, journaling, you name it, I have done it.

In retrospect, what initially impressed me about Grace was that she was interested in hearing about ME. Her questionnaire helped to clarify my triggers around food but more importantly, she helped me realize that the reason we keep losing the battle against food is because we are always focused on food, not on ourselves. I also realize that weight is merely just a SYMPTOM of something deeper and more problematic from within. I have lost forty pounds in six weeks and eight inches from my waistline. I still have a long way to go but this time I feel confident they will be gone for good. I feel true hunger now, my energy levels have skyrocketed and even my menstrual cycles are actually starting to regulate itself! Grace gave me real understanding, the tools (exercises and foods to eat), and a whole different perspective about food and myself. Words can’t express how grateful I am to her for giving me my life back and restoring my hope and self-confidence. She has been a godsend.

YL, Hayward

When I turned 50, I started noticing all these nagging pains and my weight was slowly creeping up. I have never had a serious illness and I don’t usually go to the doctor so instead I went to see Grace for a natural remedy. I have had on and off constipation for years now, some joint pain in my knees and foot, and dull throbbing headaches that again, weren’t very serious but I wanted to get some answers. To my surprise, Grace told me my problems were largely due to my stomach. She gave me a series of detoxifying treatments, told me to cut out certain foods like bread, dairy, and sugar. I was originally going in for pain and headaches but with Grace’s skills, now my weight is peeling off (20 pounds and counting), I have more energy now than I know what to do with, and I feel great! It is an amazing feeling to wake up every morning now and feel rested, relaxed, and ready to charge the day. As long as Grace is my acupuncturist, bring on the 60s!

TN, Castro Valley

Pain Management

I called Grace’s office to get help for a severely swollen right leg due to complications from a complete knee replacement. My leg was completely bloated and very painful. By that time, only sweatpants were loose enough to fit over my leg. I felt very encouraged the first five minutes after meeting Grace. She was so passionate with her style of treatments that would be able to help me, very knowledgeable and caring. Grace is very excited to see her patients and always has a big smile. She is a good listener, effective, and made me feel like I really mattered. After a few treatments with Grace, the swelling improved significantly and all the dark discoloration in my lower leg lightened up. I lost almost 20 pounds with all that excess water I was holding onto. Grace has turned me into a believer of acupuncture. I now feel that people with so-called Western medical conditions can be helped by acupuncture. I would highly recommend you make an appointment with Grace.

CM, Alameda

I have suffered with excruciating pain on a near daily basis for the last seven years due to a severe car accident. When I went into see Grace, I had debilitating sciatic pain. I am a sound technician which means I’m constantly on my feet and lifting heavy equipment. Sleep was impossible due to the pain, I could not relax. Driving in between jobs and getting out of the car became something I dreaded. I had never had acupuncture before but when I first met Grace, she made me relax. She was honest about how many sessions I might expect and also told me about other things I would need. Her herbal plasters work wonders. After the initial session, the pain went down from a 9 to a 7 (on a scale of 1 to 10). Not significant initially but that night I was able to sleep soundly. After what’s now been eight sessions, I am down to a 4. There are moments when I have no pain, something I could not even imagine before. I am continuing to see her and for the first time in years, I see a light at the end of what had been a long and dark tunnel. Grace has been instrumental in turning my health and my emotional state around. I highly recommend her.

EM, Oakland

Let me first say that I really don’t like needles. In fact, I’d say I have a pretty serious fear of them. Visits to numerous chiropractors, back specialists, even two back surgeries have done nothing with the pain. So I walked in that day nervous and skeptical as all hell but thought, it couldn’t be worse than this back pain I was having. After six sessions now with Grace, the pain has diminished significantly. In addition to the needles, she also prescribed herbal supplements and stretching exercises. Grace has very good bedside manners, she’s very positive, she excels at making you feel comfortable. If you’re afraid of needles, don’t let that stop you. Just think, it can’t possibly be worse than what you are suffering with now. Thanks Grace, you’ve been a great help.

PK, Oakland

I came to see Grace about a chronic neck and shoulder problem which had caused me pain for years. It often required a dose of ibuprofen to get me through a shift at work. The first treatment resulted in significant improvement, including better arm and hand mobility. The need for painkillers has lessened with further treatments, and I am much more comfortable at the end of the workday.  I have seen a number of acupuncturists over the years, and find Grace to be an insightful and effective practitioner. She varies the treatment pattern with each visit, depending on her analysis of the situation. Regular visits are an effective part of the routine in keeping this chronic problem under control.

TW, Alameda


I am so happy I found Grace 🙂 I myself run a deep tissue massage and biodynamics practice which focuses on both the micro and macro aspects of massage and bodywork so I’m quite familiar with alternative health work.

I began to see Grace regularly and continued after my airway constriction had cleared up.

I was experiencing a deep chest airway constriction accompanied by a persistent cough and difficulty sleeping. An acquaintance of mine suggested I see Grace. The first thing that for me distinguishes a skilled practitioner is the initial consultation – Grace has excellent bedside manners and is interested in my whole body dynamic. She knows and READS the body well. Her treatments are relaxing and very physically and mentally “clearing” for me while on the treatment table, and with lasting effects between appointments as well. Grace suggested a pear “tea” which she instructed me how to make it fresh. The tea was great, it helped loosen up all the excess mucus I had and opened up my chest.

Grace’s talent in effectively focusing on preventive care simultaneously with addressing the physical issues are very important aspects of the treatment for me. I do not believe in masking symptoms, I believe in modifying lifestyle to minimize or avoid causes. In our appointments, we discuss nutrition and lifestyle elements, and the entire experiential dynamic contributing to any developing physical issues.

KG, Oakland/NY


I have been seeing Grace for almost two years now and I’d like everyone to know what a miracle worker she has been for me. I was desperate before seeing Grace. After a very painful divorce, I was struggling with what I thought were normal symptoms given my circumstances: depression, fitful sleep, and unpredictable digestion. Soon it escalated into numbness in my arms while sleeping at night. The worst was when I developed Restless Legs Syndrome. I had to shake my legs incessantly to get rid of that nasty feeling and would only eventually fall asleep due to extreme exhaustion. By that point, I was at the end of the road and lost as to what to do until a friend suggested Acupuncture With Grace. She saved me! Right away, I knew I had found a doctor who was different. My first appointment with her had me in tears for the entire duration of the session. We have worked on everything from acupuncture to my diet to herbs which helped tremendously with calming my anxiety. The RLS disappeared within three treatments while other things took a little longer. She is not just my go-to doctor, I feel like she is my life coach, nutritionist, therapist, and now a personal friend. I would recommend Grace over and over again for your health problems, she has been a blessing in my life.

MS, Alameda

Thyroid Disorder

I was diagnosed with Graves disease 10 years ago and had radioactive treatment which gave me hypothyroidism.  Throughout the decade, numerous endocrinologists in the Bay Area and Washington DC would monitor my TSH and blood count, but could not and refused to help me with my ongoing symptoms and told me to live with it.  I even flew down to UCLA for a second opinion and it was discouraging.  When I called Grace’s office, I was chronically fatigued, lethargic, depressed, had severe brain fog, muscle cramping and could not lose weight even though I work out 5 plus times a week!  It was debilitating for me as I need to think on my feet for my job and my attitude and lack of clarity prohibited me from making the best judgments.  After treatments with Grace, I now feel refreshed when I wake up, have natural energy, can think quickly and clearly and saw my own physical transformation.  It is so amazing how multiple acupuncture sessions and change in diet has literally changed my life. She found a way to help me and did not discount my concerns.  Her techniques are soothing and actually quite relaxing!  After waiting for 10 years with horrible symptoms and Western medicine, I finally found the holy grail!  Even my blood results showed it!

JL, Oakland

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