A Holistic Acupuncture Center Serving Alameda and the East Bay. 

What does good health mean to you? The absence of any pain? No obvious symptoms?

In Chinese medicine, good health is much more expansive than simply what the physical being exhibits. True health and vitality are measured by the quality of integration and harmony between all three levels of being: mind, body, as well as spirit. An imbalance in any one of these areas will eventually affect the others, as they are all designed to synergistically support and balance each other.

Perhaps you are exhausted, stressed out, in pain or frustrated with not getting the answers you’ve been looking for. Maybe you simply don’t feel right but don’t know how to explain it. Quite possibly, you are not getting the total healthcare that conventional medicine provides for the majority of Americans.

It’s time to try something different.

Welcome to Acupuncture With Grace, located in Alameda. We provide holistic integrative care using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

At Acupuncture With Grace, it is our mission to identify the underlying cause of your condition using time-tested methods from traditional Chinese Medicine. We are committed to finding solutions to your health concerns so that you can enjoy a better quality of life.

We invite you to get acquainted with us.
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Our Alameda location allows convenient access from surrounding communities of Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Hayward, and San Leandro.